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taylor slango, business coach

hi! i'm taylor.

I love beaches, iced coffee, and books. I’m a dog mom to the cutest pup (Marley) and I’m an ENFJ. 

I get to help people have more fun, make more money, and live life on their own terms for a living. 

 I believe we live in a world of overflow where there is more than enough abundance, opportunities, love, money, and space for everyone. 

 I also believe we create our own reality and can write our own rules in life to experience it however we want to. 

 I started learning about the Law of Attraction when I was 9, and even though I fought my mom in the car when she continuously played “The Secret” on an audio disk – I’m BEYOND grateful for it now. That message resonated long-term. 

 I quickly and fiercely started to believe that I could be, do, and have anything I set my mind to. 

 I did the whole sha-bang. I went to college, got a degree, landed a decent paying 9-5

But I’ve always had the entrepreneurial bug in me. Over the years, I tipped my toes in Network Marketing, created and sold wedding favors, birthday party decorations, and dabbled in furniture restoration. 

 Now, I’m here. Teaching other women to NEVER settle for less than their wildest dreams and become obsessed with their life.

I’ll help you live your best life without burnout and hustle. 

It’s time to align. xo, T 


Starbucks Order: Venti Vanilla Cold Brew

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Enneagram: 3 

Favorite Book: Becoming Supernatural by Dr. Joe Dispenza

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