You’ve already claimed it – 2024 is going to be the year you NAIL your launch process so you can finally embrace a low-stress, high-profit rinse & repeat business model.

I created this masterclass to help you do just that.

If you want to turn those $2-10k launches into $20k, $50k & $100k+ launches – sign up now:

Masterclass Agenda:

Steal My Proven Process: I'm breaking down the exact launch process that’s generated $4M+ in client revenue while giving women more of their time and energy back

Hot Audience Secrets: how to get more people paying attention + ready to buy from you

3 game-changing sales-related tweaks that'll help you double your next launch


This masterclass will make you a better marketer. By the end of our time together, you'll be able to pinpoint exactly what's missing from your current launch strategy + have clarity around how to 10x your launches this year.

2024 is the year you:

Embrace a rinse & repeat launch process that simplifies your entire business model and completely eliminates burnout.

Welcome more students in your courses and more clients in your high-ticket coaching programs.

Feel completely regulated, calm, and confident when it comes to selling your offers.

Celebrate watching your recurring revenue multiply every time you launch..

Fall in love with the art of launching – knowing it’s the easiest + most fun way to grow your business and get your work into the hands of those who really want it.

your launch bestie + creative partner

hi, I'm taylor slango

After years of working behind the scenes as a strategist for a leading digital marketing agency — I started my own business in 2018. Just 2 months into my business, I had my first $10k launch. Then $25k. Then $30k. Then $50k. Then $120k. I’ve NAILED my launch process and now package it up for other women to seamlessly plug into their businesses.

Fast forward 5 years later: I now run a 7-figure business working 3 days a week with extremely high profit margins and a launch process we’ve been rinsing + repeating for years.

I've seen every strategy and every funnel for any type of offer or industry you could imagine and I'll tell you this: you cannot out-strategize a misalignment. The energetic work is what fuels your strategy — and so a big part of our work together is crafting an individualized strategy that feels nourishing rather than draining.



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