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Taylor Slango, Business Coach

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Taylor Slango, Business Coach

 1 month into working with Taylor, I went from struggling to consistently make 1k a month to bringing in sales over 8k. 4 months in, I've done over $38,000 in sales. Hands down recommend anything Taylor creates – you'll know exactly what to do and when to do it and that alone is game-changing.

Tara, Podcast Strategist

my coaching process

Total CEO Integration


Audit for business blind spots

Get pumped as we find the blind spots in your business, make a plan of action to overcome them, get crystal clear on what you’re working towards, AND map out how to get there. I mean, this alone will change everything.

Once we have a solid foundation in place, we can start building in the direction of your 6-figure+ dreams.


Brand messaging & product suite

 If you want to make sells, you’ve gotta know what you’re selling first. That’s why we’re gonna refine your offers, so you can package your expertise into a program, course or service your audience can’t refuse. Then we’ll position you as the go-to expert in your field, so you’re always top of mind. Finally, I’ll show you how to become a sales queen.

Because no sales equals no money, honey.


Creating major influence

One of the VERY best things about being an entrepreneur is the chance to make a much greater impact. Now that you’ve got your platform, how do you plan to use it?

We’ll focus on building meaningful, forever relationships with your clients and growing your audience so you can grow your impact.


Launch planning & sales planning

Imagine how freeing it will feel when you know EXACTLY what you’re selling and when. We’ll be mapping out comprehensive sales and launch plans for the next 6 months, so you never have to wonder where to focus your attention.

Even better?

You’ll be able to predict (and track) your income.


Systems to scale

How does a CEO scale her vision and continue to grow her business?

We’ll tackle team building, adding in additional streams of revenue, and outsourcing the tasks that CEOs just plain don’t do — while staying in alignment the whole darn time.


I started working with Taylor to launch my new offer and just 8 weeks later, I sold every spot I had opened from a brand new audience and they openly told me they would have paid MORE for the program. Now, my dream clients are asking me what I'm doing next and how they can get a jumpstart on getting it.

Kim, Founder of Kids who ROCK

Programs & courses


that will change your life


Scarcity mode is canceled, it's time for a surge of cash & clients instead. 

For entrepreneurs looking to strategize, plan & execute their next 5-figure launch (with ease).


The 6-month accelerator for women who are ready to take their rightful spot at the head of their company.

For entrepreneurs looking to scale to consistent $10k months.


The place to be to get the strategy, clarity & community to grow your biz like crazy.

For entrepreneurs looking to scale to $2k-$4k consistent months.

Taylor is REALLY invested in your success. With her support I was able to create and launch a brand new course. If you're thinking about working with her, grab the opportunity. The level of support, encouragement, strategy and coaching you get is like no other program and Taylor really knows her stuff.

Helen, Business Coach & Pinterest Strategist

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