master your mindset &

stop settling for less than extraordinary

$ee it $ay it $lay it money mindset program 

For the purpose driven, ambitious, get-shit-done kinda gal who's ready to up-level her finances. 

laws of life 6 week online course 

Designed to condense everything you need to know about mindset, metaphysics, and manifestation so you can live more freely & abundantly. 


Fair question, and honestly — I'm glad you asked. 

I'm Taylor! I've been dissecting the world of mindset work and personal development for over a decade. I grew up learning about the Law of Attraction and was able to grasp the core concepts that will actually change your life. 

I see so many coaches and teachers overcomplicate what should be a simple & fun process. I hate that shit. 

To change the external, we need to work on the internal first. I help simplify that process so you can go further faster. 

I believe in you. 



real women. real growth.

Taylor's video lessons are so motivating and inspirational. I am mom with two teenagers and so many of their friends  depressed and I always take them under my wing and try to help them and it can make me so sad and unsure. Taylor, your words and your conviction in your videos give me renewed hope and make me picture them all believing in themselves that way. 

Jessica, Laws of Life Student 

-Andrea, Laws of Life Student