Expanding the Educational System to Help Students Branch Out with Kim David

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Written by Taylor Slango

September 28, 2020



Expanding the Educational System to Help Students Branch Out with Kim David 

In this week's blog of Aligned & Ambitious, I have a very special guest, Kim David. Kim is not only a good friend of mine but she’s been a long time client as well. Kim has been working in higher education for the last 15 years and now focuses on helping online coaches and consultants book their dream speaking gigs with college campuses to expand reach.

But before we dive on in, let me introduce myself. My name is Taylor Slango and I’m the host of Aligned & Ambitious Radio and a business coach who helps women make major bank through their own online businesses. 

So if you’re an ambitious millennial, wanting to get more out of life and learn how to combat those who doubt you along the way, stick around. This blog is for you!

And today, Kim and I will be chatting about her business journey and how she found herself in a niche focused on helping coaches and consultants work together with college campuses. We also talk about how it can be beneficial to you as an online coach or consultant. Keep reading to learn more!

Expanding the Educational System, Point #1: Kim shares her journey and how she got to where she is today helping online coaches and consultants.

For Kim, it’s been up and down roller coasters and a matter of embracing who she is and what she’s good at. She started working at colleges back in 1999, when she went to college she received a position to work there as a student. Ever since then, she has loved working with the educational system and began to know it was her dream job. As she got older and started a family, she realized there was something more she could be doing. Kim took a break working as a librarian in a prison for a year and a half. This was such an interesting experience for her, but even as she was there, she helped with education.

Fast forward to now, Kim has received a position for being Director of student engagement and activities. She began noticing that students came to her with a lot of questions, it was a lot of mindset related situations. She began to pay more attention to this common pattern. By Kim learning and working with others in the online space, she answered questions and provided advice in a whole different way to see transformations happen. She began to ask herself, what if she could start inspiring the future by providing students with this direct access to coaches and business owners? That is why she's in this space now where she wants more colleges to hear these messages. Kim now essentially plays matchmaker helping people who have stories be seen and heard in the college space.

Expanding the Educational System, Point #2: For coaches and consultants in the online space, a college market is for anybody who has a story to share.

A college market is for anybody who has a story to share, Kim says. Right now, it’s anybody who can offer a virtual program. Luckily for Kim, she started before Covid-19 hit to find a way of connecting students to virtual platforms. She manages student activities for five campuses so she wanted a way to work smarter without going crazy. For a lot of people in her position all across the country, Covid-19 hit and campuses closed, students went home, it was a scramble on how to continue serving students during this time. A lot of students felt like they were left hanging, and had to adapt very quickly.

Right now, even though some colleges are reopening across the country, some are closing back down. We are left stuck with how to provide virtual programs, that’s where coaches and online consultants have the expertise, creating an online platform to welcome people in. This is where the educational system is right now, even if we open back up, we will see a lot of colleges continuing virtual programming, it's a way to get more students involved and breaks barriers of lack of transportation. When we also go back face to face, the market will be wide open for the people to fill the gap during the virtual time and provide stories around the mindset that encourages success in students. 

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Expanding the Educational System to Help Students Branch Out with Kim David

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Expanding the Educational System, Point #3: Kim breaks down what it looks like for coaches in terms of benefit, content, and compensation when they participate in speaking to the college market.

A lot of times when Kim talks to coaches and online course creators, they’re so busy as it is. They wonder how they can break into a new market, but one of the things she mentions to them is that you’re repurposing your existing content. Or possibly a course you have available, the potential is there to make a profit and use that to bring impact. You created it for a reason in the first place. There are many different ways this can look for colleges, several coaches Kim has worked with, all she’s done is buy the logins for their current courses and classes. Since they already exist there and Kim knows her students would benefit from the information, this process doesn’t require much on the coaches' part aside from pitching and letting colleges know about their offer. 

Another part of this is determining who is best to pitch to when you are looking at the college market, just have the pitch prepared and ensure the focus is on students. The biggest way to market that is offering help and life skills to the students, applying this material to what’s current in our world. As far as how students gain access to these pieces of training, they pay a student activities fee upfront with tuition that gives them access to webinars and training. The student gets it for free but on Kim’s end, she has a budget. The minimum she’s ever paid for a speaker is about $3,500 for one hour. This involves the speaker coming in, soundcheck, and doing their speech. On average, Kim pays about $7,500 for a workshop that’s anywhere from 1-4 hours. A lot of times, those are interactive where the speaker may only speak for an hour worth of time but get students to go into break out sessions and facilitate the conversations. 

Expanding the Educational System to Help Students Branch Out with Kim David: Main Takeaways

The money is out there in the educational system, and the colleges need you and your messages. You can begin inspiring the future by tapping into the college market. They just need to know about you first of all, and that’s what Kim helps facilitate with. In the long run, it’s fulfilling and rewarding to pass along your valuable messages to young adults trying to figure out who they are. If you are an online coach or consultant who wants to create reach and impact with a younger generation, check out Kim, and connect with her. Kim also does done-for-you pitching, when you tell her your story, she’ll take care of the rest.  

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