The Coaching Industry & Teaching the Craft of Coaching

The Coaching Industry

Written by Taylor Slango

November 9, 2020



The Coaching Industry & Teaching the Craft of Coaching

In this week's blog of Aligned & Ambitious, I have Ashley Gordon as a special guest. Ashley is one of my good friends, she’s also a mindset and manifestation coach. Ashley is the creator of the Badass Manifestor Brand, as well as the podcast. She’s also a hypnotherapist and master NLP practitioner. Today, we will be talking about world-class coaching. Ashley is dominating the coaching industry right now when it comes to coaching tools and practices!

But before we dive on in, let me introduce myself. My name is Taylor Slango and I’m the host of Aligned & Ambitious Radio and a business coach who helps women make major bank through their online businesses. 

So if you’re an ambitious millennial, wanting to get more out of life and learn how to combat those who doubt you along the way, stick around. This blog post is for you!

And today, Ashley and I will be sharing insight on world-class coaching and how to enhance the craft of coaching for the future. 

The Coaching Industry, Point #1: Ashley shares how she began as a manifestation coach and how teaching others about the craft of coaching came into existence.

Ashley’s journey has been a complete evolution. Initially, she didn’t understand the online space, so she started her business in person. She eventually broke in as a manifestation coach, where this would be the start of Ashley finding what she was supposed to be teaching others. For some time, she found herself uncertain and confused as to what she was supposed to be helping others with. She didn’t have a clear vision or transformation she was offering. One day, Ashley was set to speak at a live event hosted by Jen Casey, who is a coach that helps online coaches build their business. Originally, Ashley planned to speak about money mindset manifestation. However, she had an idea to speak more about the craft behind coaching instead.

Jen had told her that was an amazing idea, and they ended up staying awake that night creating the framework behind the concept. This was when Ashley realized that this was her niche and this was her calling. The next day, Ashley went up in front of the audience and spoke about the craft of coaching. The response from this was incredible, and it taught Ashley a lot. When she first got up on stage, the audience recognized her but when Ashley asked them how she could help them with transformations, they weren’t sure. After speaking and getting defined on the solution she was offering, she was immediately hired by a couple of people to privately teach them how to be the most amazing coaches and create life-changing transformations. This would result in Quantum Coaching Academy, it was complete destiny and fate for Ashley.

The Coaching Industry

The Coaching Industry, Point #2: Ashley dives in and explains the meaning behind the craft of coaching.

There are a lot of people who are stepping into the coaching industry, and this industry feels big at times but it’s also really small. It will keep growing because people are waking up to their purpose of being here to help people. While that’s great, Ashley shares that the problem with this is that a lot of new coaches come in and decide to teach based on a transformational experience in their own life. So they’re deciding to teach from their personal development. They need to remember that there’s a strategy for taking someone through transformation. Most of the time, it’s not about what you’ve been through. When people go through something and share it with others, sometimes this method may not be the best as it’s taking the focus off the client.

Ashley also shares that before anyone dives into coaching and wants to learn how to enhance their craft, they must understand the true definition of coaching. Coaching is not friendship, it’s not about sharing personal stories, or mentorship, or even consulting. It can be mixed with all those, but coaching is ultimately holding space for transformation. Coaching is helping your client discover themselves and access their unlimited potential. They can't do that if you fill the space with your own story of transformation. Coaching is asking powerful questions that don’t just end in yes or no answers. Coaching is building that rapport with one another and training the client to go into a high vibrational state of energy.

The Coaching Industry, Point #3: Ashley shares the formula that should be behind each coaching call.

Ashley says there’s a formula for each coaching call. When you’re entering a coaching call, first and foremost, you want to make sure your energy is grounded. You want to do this so that you’re able to hold space for the client and not get sucked into their energy. Once you protect your energy and get into the call, make sure you are grounded and not frantic. If something happens during the call, whether it’s a Zoom glitch or your doorbell rings, you never want to come back to your desk and be in a frantic state in front of your client. It shouldn’t matter what happened before the call, ground yourself, and pull yourself together. 

When the client enters the call from this frantic state, which is highly likely, it’s easy to get sucked into this. The session can go somewhere that’s not linear or focused, so instead, acknowledge and validate what they say. Then ask them if that's what they wish to work on today. Make sure that’s what they want to focus on. This is such a simple question, but it ensures the call is client-directed and clarifies what they want to work on. Most coaches stop there, but Ashley says you should go above and beyond. Proceed by not only asking what they wish to work on, but also ask what their overall goal is from the session, and what their evidence procedure looks like. Meaning, how will they know at the end of this call that they’ve achieved this goal? This question is pure gold. 

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The Coaching Industry, Point #4: Ashley defines a quantum coach and what it means to her. 

Quantum coaching is about seeing the unlimited potential of your client, no matter what limitations they are facing. You always see them in their highest potential, and by holding that vision of your client in the quantum field, you are letting them know they can create and manifest anything they want. Hold them in that vision and work from miracle consciousness, while guiding them to achieve their goals. When it comes to the quantum coaching method, Ashley shares that it’s a framework to help brand new coaches and coaches that are out there wanting to level up their craft feel like they are the most masterful coach in the room. Ashley’s goal through this method is to help you feel so confident in your ability to take someone through a transformation.

When you know what you’re doing and it’s ingrained in your being, you can help anyone do anything. This is rooted in energy leadership. Quantum coaching method is for any kind of coach, whether you’re a manifestation coach, health coach, or business coach. This method is about coaching the energy around the problem. If you can coach someone’s energy, you can help them have a completely different relationship with manifestation in their life. It’s not the problem, it’s the energy around it. This is something everyone can benefit from, it’s key to be a leader of your energy and then learn how to help others be the leader of their energy.

The Coaching Industry & Teaching the Craft of Coaching: Main Takeaways

I hope hearing Ashley’s top tips and story has inspired you guys and that you’ve now got some major takeaways you can implement in your next coaching session! If you want to get more information on the Quantum Coaching Academy, send Ashley a DM on Instagram. This Academy is all about giving you tools and energy embodiment to go out and make a ripple effect change while having the confidence behind it. Ashley says that as long as you build your business and continue to uplevel your skills as a coach, you will have a million-dollar business. Knowing how to build and also approaching your role as a badass coach is all it takes!

Thank you so Much for Reading…

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