Showing Up On Video to Get Visible For Your Audience

Showing Up

Written by Taylor Slango

June 28, 2020



Showing Up On Video to Get Visible For Your Audience

Showing up on video is a relatively new phenomenon, but if you do it wisely, it can transform the impact, reach and scalability of your business.

In this week's blog post from Aligned & Ambitious, I’m going to share the stage with Madison Tinder. Together, we’re sharing the strategies you can use to build online visibility and scale your business with it.

But before we dive on in, let me introduce myself. My name is Taylor Slango and I’m the host of Aligned & Ambitious Radio and a business coach who helps women make major bank through their own online businesses. Meanwhile, Madison Tinder is a visibility and marketing expert who teaches entrepreneurs organic visibility strategies that drive sales and scale businesses to six figures.

So if you’re an online entrepreneur who wants to sell out your launches, master your marketing and become an innovative leader…congrats, you’ve found the blog designed just for you!

And today, Madison and I are talking ALL about how online visibility can be used to scale your biz…so keep reading to learn more.

Showing Up on Video for Your Audience, Point #1: Madison’s story and the importance of feeling comfortable enough to shift your business.

To start with, I wanted Madison to share how she got into the online space. She began as a social media manager for local companies in Dallas, and promoted their businesses online but not her own. As time passed, she began to use Instagram as a portfolio showcasing her work with clients, and Madison fell into coaching and consulting as she started posting more about what she was doing for her clients. She started with social media consulting and then moved into coaching and now focuses on business and visibility coaching.

One of my favorite nuggets from Madison’s story is how she started in one place, was asked to do consulting and transitioned her business once she tested it out. I think so many people resist the fact that their brand will evolve. They want to have it all figured out, from their services to their prices, but it’s really going to change every year because we all change as people every year.

So it’s important to be okay with your business shifting, and if a lot of people are reaching out to you for a service that you don’t presently offer, that may be a sign to consider shifting your focus and seeing how it feels.

Showing Up on Video for Your Audience, Point #2: Secrets to showing up authentically on video (even during pre-launch) and why sharing personal parts of your life on Insta can benefit your biz.

I know a lot of listeners feel like they don’t know how to show up on video as their authentic, confident selves. And, I can relate! At the beginning of my business, I never watched my own videos because I cringed when I heard my own voice. But I got over that…and with some help from these tips from Madison, I believe you all can do the same!

First of all, Madison wants everyone to know that you don’t “have to” show up on video. However, video will ramp up the buying process, especially if you don’t feel like a master copywriter who can sell with their Insta captions. After all, a video gives you an avenue to connect on an emotional level with your audience, especially if you have a mostly female audience who is going to buy from emotion and would benefit from seeing your face. So if you’re feeling held back because you fear rejection or judgment, stop thinking so much about yourself. Instead, think about the customers who want to hear what you have to say on video.

Now what about showing up on video during launches and promotional periods where it’s even harder to feel authentic?

Here are a few key tips from Madison and me:

1. Make yourself even more visible during your pre-launch stage. Two or three weeks before a launch, Madison will show up online three times a week to talk about what her offers are going to be or who the customer is or what success clients have had in the past. Plus, she’ll share a lot of her personal life in her pre-launch videos so when the actual launch happens, she can focus on the sales, the emails and handling objections.

2. Don’t overlook the power of personal info because let’s be real: we’re all nosy as hell. That’s why as valuable as mini-trainings and educational content is, you also want to give your audience the opportunity to connect with you on a personal level (ideally, at least once a day). After all, people buy from people, not vague corporations!

3. Focus less on creating and more on documenting. Because when you document the process of your launch or your upcoming program and you share it with your community, you take your audience on a journey with you.

4. Know that posting stories about your personal life can actually help you expand your business’s revenue beyond just sales. For example, when I recently shared my Amazon skincare buys on Insta, I got a TON of DMs. That let me know that, as a business owner, I should probably create an Amazon affiliate account. And I wouldn’t have realized my audience wanted that kind of connection and content without posting those stories!

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Showing Up on Video for Your Audience, Point #3: How to use collaborations to expand your online visibility.

But what if you’re sharing things on Insta, but the audience isn’t there? One of Madison’s favorite visibility strategies to use is collaborations, especially if you have a free challenge or a freebie. Because if you just collab with five people who each have a thousand followers, that's essentially five thousand people who you can reach about your free challenge or freebie. Madison is not saying that all of them will convert, but they will improve the visibility of your profile.

And I just wanna say that collabing with others is a great way to show your audience that your brand is not just about you and what you’re doing. Instead, it’s about bringing value to your audience. And again, if you’re feeling scared about doing video or reaching out to others, think about your clients. What do they need to hear? What's going to excite them? What's going to inspire them? What's going to draw them in?

That’s the kind of mindset you want to have when you’re filming content and when you’re creating collabs. And on a related note, try to avoid feeling competitive about your collaborators. The more connections you have, the more your business can grow because you’ll have the support you need, and your audience is not going to automatically flock to another expert who appears on your channel.

Now, I know what you may be thinking. “Collabs sound awesome – but how do I reach out and make it happen?”

For Madison, pitches don’t have to be formal. If she wants to do an Insta story collab with someone, she’ll just DM them and be like, “Hey Sarah, I love your content and watching you on Instagram stories. I’d love to do an Instagram story collab where you can promote something free on my stories and I can promote something free on your stories. Let me know if you'd be down to talk more about it.”

I love this approach. After all, what should matter most to collaborators is that they’ll have a good conversation that benefits their audiences. So when I get a chill DM like that, it feels like we’re already friends and I just want to be like, “Let’s do it!”

Showing Up on Video for Your Audience, Point #4: Consistency is KEY!

Another key component to growing your biz by showing up on video? Know that you don’t have to show up on your Insta stories all the freaking time, but you can’t neglect your audience either. If you're going on vacation or you can't show up on stories for a few days, just let your audience know just like you’d let your best friend know if you couldn’t make it to dinner.

And the cool part about keeping your audience in the loop is that you can connect with them even while you’re taking time away. Madison has had times where she’s posted, “Hey I'm taking the long weekend off because things have been so busy behind the scenes!” and she’s gotten so many sweet DMs that are like, “You deserve this. Enjoy your time off. Let me know how it goes.” When you’re open and transparent with your audience, even time away feels so good all around.

So find what works for you and what makes you feel comfortable showing up on Insta stories, and then keep doing it. Do your best to keep showing up for your audience even as you run your business and have a family or whatever because there’s always time for a few stories here and there. And if you're consistent with your Instagram stories, that's where most of your sales can come from.

Showing Up on Video for Your Audience: Main Takeaways

I think Madison is just such a good example of how authentic and fun Instagram can be, and I hope you all take advantage of her tips from this blog post and start watching her Insta stories to see a master at work! I know that filming and sharing videos can be scary, but once you get into a groove, there will be no stopping you or your sales…


Thanks for reading, and if you liked what you learned, connect with me on social too at Facebook, Instagram – or start working with me!

To connect with Madison, check out her Instagram, her Facebook and her 6 Figure Masterclass.

Then share this blog post with someone else who needs to know how to turn video into views from their audience!


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