five figure flow®

Finally — a system that makes recurring revenue feel simple, sustainable and, dare I say it, nourishing.

That’s the time-saving, life-giving, money-making magic of five figure flow

“I just cleared a $66,000 launch using the Five Figure Flow process”

Five Figure Flow is the best launch program on the market. A simple, easy-to-implement method that gives you amazing results.

-Caitlin, Shadow Work Coach

You're ready to step into a new level of revenue & freedom…

but you’re not willing to keep sacrificing your happiness, health, and free time to get there (and honestly, I don't blame you!)

The right program and business coach can help you achieve your goals with less struggle and more flow.

if making money in your business has been feeling anything like this


Between creating content, setting up tech automations, writing copy, working on your sales page, posting IG stories, promoting your free launch event, and everything in between – you’re left feeling absolutely fried by the time the doors to your program open.


There are so many moving parts, things to create, and decisions to make. Not to mention trying to stand out among all the other people in my industry. 



You're ending your launches feeling like you just got hit by a bus, ready to hibernate for the next 2 months and yet from a financial perspective, the revenue numbers are telling you that you need to launch again like…yesterday, UGH. There's *got* to be a better way than this…


I'm gonna be so real with you right now you deserve better.

You obviously care about making money

You need money to keep your business running, so you can provide for your family and continue to impact your clients’ lives. But your health and happiness are far more important – the great thing about Five Figure Flow and business coaching is you won't ever have to choose between making money or taking care of yourself. You get to have both.


As much as you're dreaming about financial freedom, you deeply want time freedom too – and you need a strategy that will grow your income without requiring so much from you. You know, like payment notifications rolling in while you're sleeping, or taking your toddler to the park, or shamelessly binging the most recent season of Love Is Blind.

You want to be able to easily rinse & repeat your success

There's literally no need to reinvent the wheel every single time you launch. Five Figure Flow gives you a simple system that you can use over and over again making each launch bigger & easier than the one before.

From the outside – it looks like the traditional way of launching is working for everyone on the internetexcept you.

You see other people celebrating $10k, $20k, $50k+ launches – but you also see them on social media 24/7, sacrificing their feminine power, time with their families, and their well-being to make those launch strategies work, and that’s something you flat-out refuse to do.

And I totally get that – because I feel the same way.

Hi, I’m Taylor Slango, your new business coach and learning how to launch in a way that worked for ME literally changed my life.


One thing that’s always been clear for me: I started this business to give me the level of financial + time freedom that allows me to be more present in my life, with the people I love, and never have to say no to something because of money.

Since day 1 – I’ve been unwilling to burn myself out, sacrifice time with the people I love or sacrifice my health to make a dollar. So I created a process that doesn’t require you to do any of that – in fact, this process places you + your wellbeing at the center of the entire strategy.

I was a hustler my entire life, working my life away to build someone else’s dreams. When I started my business back in 2018 – I made a promise to myself that I’d never let my business run me into the ground. I was going to build this thing in a way that honors my energy, my health and my family.

I kept that promise.

Two months into my business, I had my first $10,000 launch. A few months later, a $25,000 launch. A few months after that…a $50,000 launch. Today – I run my business working 3-days a week, maintaining 70% profit margins + bringing in multiple six-figures in recurring revenue every single year.

While the numbers are exciting (and truly life-changing) – the real flex for me here is the amount of time I get to spend with my husband (who I retired) and our beautiful little boy, living in our dream farmhouse (that the business allowed me to buy all on my own) and my health has literally never been better.

Truth bomb: the reason I’m successful isn’t because I’ve been in business longer than you – it’s because I figured out a way to build a business strategy around MY personal wants + needs

I cracked the code to building a business that gives you ACTUAL freedom, now it’s my life’s work to share it with as many women as possible.

“five figure flow gives you exactly what you need, no fluff”

Before Five Figure Flow, launching felt stressful and chaotic. Launching with Five Figure Flow had my mind and nervous system at ease, giving me a roadmap that was so easy to follow. The beauty of Five Figure Flow is it gives you exactly what you need with no fluff. My last launch was simple, straight-forward and actually fun. I cleared $17k in revenuemy biggest launch yet!

-Anabelle, Fertility Dietian

what if i told you…

I've spent the last 6 years building a strategy & system that will help you harmonize & sustain multiple 5-figures+ a month in your online business without having to work your life away?


And scaling your business can truly replenishes your energy and your bank account 😉


This is EXACTLY what makes Five Figure Flow different than the methods out there that have been letting you down.


Before, my biggest launch to date was $3500. Now, I launched a high-level program and made $20,000. It was shockingly easy! The strategies and mindset here will help you be successful, for your next launch and all launches to come. I can’t recommend Five Figure Flow enough.

-Katie, Founder of Orderly Acccounting

Here is how five figure flow will feel nourishing to your nervous system & your bank account

It makes you the main character of your growth strategy

Five Figure Flow gives you options and that allows you to launch YOUR way, on your timeline, with a strategy that not only works but is actually fun & aligned for you too.

There's 3 pre-designed timelines + runways inside of the program ready for you to plug yourself right into based on what your personal goals are.

it takes all the guesswork & heavy lifting out the entire process

A huge reason for launch fatigue is because of the decisions that need to be made & marketing assets that need to be created.

Five Figure Flow gives you a simple-easy-to-follow roadmap that doesn't require you to make a million and 2 decisions, they're already made for you based on what converts.

It also gives you every kind of template you could imagine (sales page, email templates, a done-for-you content calendar) so you won't have to create anything from scratch. What will you do with all this newly freed up time? 😉

it's meant for you to rinse & repeat

Five Figure Flow gives you a sustainable launch system that you can plug right into your business and use for years and years to come.

(I've been using this strategy since 2018, it truly is timeless)

Plus the program is updated annually to make sure the strategies inside stay current with what's working in the marketplace.

Five Figure Flow will be your right hand at every stage of business growth.

“I've taken a few launch courses and nothing compares to five figure flow”

Once I started going through FFF, I literally couldn't stop. It's excellent!! It's exactly what I needed to create systems for my launches and the program delivers above and beyond. This course is GOLD.

-Shelly, Manifestation Teacher

here’s your NEW path to sustainable, YOU-centered launching that’s waiting for you in Five figure flow



Time to lay the foundation to an incredible launch and make sure you have an irresistible offer to sell.

I'll be teaching you 6 different types of offers you can create and show you exactly what goes into an offer that gets amazing results + a solid reputation.

Since my business philosophy is harmonizing your strategy with the energetics you'll also have time in this module to connect to the energy of your offer & intention of your launch.



Whether you want to launch 3 in weeks or 3 months, your launch roadmap is ready & waiting for you.

In this phase, you'll know exactly what content needs to go into your launch event to make it convert like hot cakes. 

I'm giving you the recipe to put together the most epic-you'd-be-crazy-to-say-no-to value stack on your offer so you can highlight the most potent features and sell with confidence.



This is where you'll get all the moving pieces of your launch together ahead of time so you can go into your launch feeling calm instead of chaotic.

The coolest part — you'll be able whip up everything you need for your launch in half the time it usually takes you because you're getting plug & play templates like…

  • 21 pages of done for you nurture & sales emails
  • a launch event opt-in page template
  • a sales page template
  • a done for you content plan
  • a manychat automation
  • a launch tracking spreadsheet

This is going to have you walking into your launch with so much energy, clarity and confidence knowing all the heavy-lifting was done weeks ago.



This phase is all about connecting with your audience.

You'll hone in your overall messaging so it cuts through the noise and has your people saying “I need to hire her”

I'll be sharing my favorite organic & paid growth tactics leading up to your launch so if you need to grow your audience (and FFF will tell you if you even need to based on your goals) — you'll have simple strategies to attract new people in.

+ you'll learn the 5 types of money-making content that needs to be included and how to maximize + repurpose your launch content as much as possible (another massive time saver)



By this point in your launch — it's all about energy management + sales.

So inside this module you'll find:

  • A method to help you master the art of pitching your program live so you can talk about it confidently
  • Instagram story sequences to use during the week your cart is open
  • How to close more sales in the DMs based on the different types of buyers
  • Launch 911: how to profitably pivot if needed



Five Figure Flow isn't about one launch, one time.

It's about understanding your marketing data long-term so you can:

1) Make every single launch better than the last because you know exactly what to tweak to make it convert even better

(I'm going to show you exactly how to read your data + where to start making tweaks based on what the numbers are telling you)

And 2) automate your sales system.

Once your live launches are converting predictably & consistently, it might be time to put your program on evergreen and sell it year-round through a funnel.

I always recommend hybrid business model where you both live launch + have funnels.

So this module will also get you started on turning your strategy evergreen and building your first funnel.

“a million dollar launch”

When I first started using the Five Figure Flow method, we were clearing 6-figure launches. Then we did a $300,000 launch. And most recently, I'm celebrating my first million dollar launch. Five Figure Flow is timeless.

-Ashley, The Quantum Coaching Academy

The very best part?

I’m giving you a ton of resources that basically take care of 90% of the launch grunt work for you

done-for-you launch planner

Enter your launch goals, preferred time-line & audience size and this tool will autopopulate your entire launch plan, from your task list, what needs to be created, and a completely done-for-you content plan.

21 pages of plug & play emails

Yep…21 pages. Emails to invite people to your launch event, nuture emails, sales emails and headlines galore.

Sales Page Template

Never stare at a blank cursor again. Effortlessly craft high converting copy using our sales page template + bring it to life with our ThriveCart design.

manychat automation template

Chat funnels are the new black. Seriously, setting up automated DMs will skyrocket your launch event registrants and I'm giving you our exact work flow you can start using in just one click.

my entire launch sop playbook

As you scale, you'll have more team support in your corner and I want delegating to be as seamless as possible for you so we're including our internal launch operating procedures you can pass off to your team with confidence.

Masterclass Slide Deck

Get your hands on a slide deck that follows the perfect webinar strategy so you can easily plug your content into to a proven template.

“five figure flow would have saved me a decade of guesswork”

The way Taylor marries strategy, structure, systems and energetics is so genius. Five Figure Flow is a mind-blowing program that gives you exactly what you need, no fluff whatsoever. No matter where you are in your business, I recommend this program because you're literally losing money by not having this resource in your pocket as an entrepreneur.

-Elizabeth, Founder of Sacred Stylist 




Introducing you to my two favorite AI softwares that'll save you so much time (and how to best utilize them during your launches!)

  • Like how you can automatically chop 1 video into 10-12 short clips for Reels & TikToks
  • & the exact prompts I give to chatGBT to help me save time while writing copy & headlines


Get ready to turn up the heat on your launch participation engagement by learning how to leverage your Podcast taught by the CEO of Profitable Podcast Productions: Tara Counterman.


This is a data GOLDMINE.

See the strategy, the investments, the results and all the moving pieces behind my very first 6-figure+ launch.


Connect with other members, collaborate with other like-minded women and have a built in support system. So many women have made life-long friends, partnered together on collaborations and gotten great referrals from this network.

“my biggest and easiest launch yet”

Celebrating my biggest launch yet, over $90,000 in revenue and it was a launch that required very least amount of effort from me.

-Ashe, Functional Hormone Health Expert



Why choose this one?

So glad you asked. I don't take your investment lightly + I hope that you don't either. Five Figure Flow® is the most competitive & comprehensive launch program on the market.


    Hundreds of entrepreneurs have gone through this program and not a single one has asked for their money back. There's a reason for that. 😉 This program works if you work it. Period. Invest with confidence knowing I'm put my money where my mouth is.



    You don't have time to throw spaghetti at the wall, especially when this program gives you a proven approach to launching, regardless of how long you've been in business. Whether you sell courses or coaching or services: low ticket or high ticket: no matter the niche or industry, Five Figure Flow® has your back


    Five Figure Flow® is the only launch process you'll ever need. These strategies will scale alongside you as you grow. We've had students celebrating their first 5-figure launch all the way to $300k+ launches. Plus I update this program every year to make sure the strategies stand the test of time & stay relevant.


    FFF is sealed with the Dreampro stamp of approval. We worked with the industry leading course design agency to ensure the content was designed for the absolute best client learning experience possible for all types of learners. You will not find hour long Zoom recordings in this program. 😉

    “thousands of dollars in revenue thanks to five figure flow”

    Taylor's  ideas and launch strategy has helped me generate thousands of dollars in revenue and passive income. I'm so thankful for Taylor and her launching strategies.

    -Melissa, Owner of Litchfield Media


    4 month plan

    4 payments of $417





    8 month plan

    8 payments of $209


    You could make your full investment back in just ONE launch using the Five Figure Flow method — with profits to spare. Use the ROI calculator below to see just how much income you could make in your next launch compared to the investment — and this isn't even counting for the ROI more ease + simplicity brings you. 😉

    “i 3x-ed my revenue in 90 days”

    Five Figure Flow is my third program of Taylor's, and since investing with her I've been able to 3X my business income in just one quarter. This program slays!

    -Toni, Beauty & Marketing Mentor

    let these frequently asked questions help get you off the fence…

    When does five figure flow start?

    You'll get instant access to the entire course AS SOON as you enroll…but the results will stick with you every time you launch! How’s that for ROI? 😉 Five Figure Flow is like Santa Clause! It keeps bringing you presents year after year.

    How much time will i need to implement?

    I prepped + executed my first $10k launch while working 60 hours/week in my corporate job so I very much understand how valuable your time is above everything else.

    With pre-designed launch runways you can launch as quickly as 3 weeks or take your time and launch over 3 months.

    Even if you can only commit a little bit of time per week, you'll still find success with the program because:

    • The content lives both in the course portal AND private Podcast feed so you can listen on the go.
    • There are pathways mapped out so you can dive into the content that's going to *immediately* help you.
    • Almost every moving piece of your launch will have a template so you won't need to create much of anything from scratch.
    I’ve never launched before, is this for me?

    Totally! Five Figure Flow is the complete toolkit you need to get your business off the ground; covering offer creation, audience growth, messaging that converts, and every other detail needed for you to really thrive.

    Five Figure Flow is your short cut & cheat code. Your future self will thank you.

    I’ve already had a fairly successful launch, but it burnt me out. How is FFF different?

    Five Figure Flow places YOU at the center of the strategy which helps entirely eliminate burnout.

    No more being glued to your phone during your launch, no more late-night work sessions, no more spreading yourself too dang thin.

    Your launches will get financially bigger using the FFF method & it'll be the easiest, most laid back launch experience you've ever had.

    What if I have no / a small audience?

    No problem!

    1) Audience growth is built into the program so you'll get the tactics you need to grow your community and…

    2) Most people assume they need more followers to make more money but Five Figure Flow is going to show you how to break down your conversion rate and tell you exactly how many people you actually need in your audience to be most likely to hit your sales goals.

    What if I change my mind, can I get my money back?

    Hundreds of entrepreneurs have gone through this program and not a single one has asked for their money back. There's a reason for that. 😉 This program works if you work it. Period.

    However – in today's market, I want your mind totally at ease when you invest in FFF so we have a money back guarentee policy.

    MONEY BACK FINE PRINT. “You must have completed at least 60% of the content within 72 hours of purchase and be able to thoroughly demonstrate how + why there was not at least one tip or strategy within the course that could help you with your launches + marketing.”


    4 month plan

    4 payments of $417





    8 month plan

    8 payments of $209