What I’ve Learned about Money Mindset

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One of my faaaaavorite things to talk about is money mindset.

The foundation of consciousness + manifestation is the concept of what you think, you attract. What you think, you become.

Humans are conditioned (for whatever stupid reason) to grow up attaching the concept of cash to the concept of scarcity and lack.

We grow up thinking debt is normal, and you need to work extra hard to make money. So with that mentality, why are we surprised that it’s extra hard to make money?

Because that’s what we expect.

Money mindset is really all about UN-conditioning your mind.

To believe money comes easily and frequently.

To believe abundance is yours if you claim it.

To believe you attract and deserve money.

We need to think it. We need to claim it. We need to feel it.

I encourage you to try these affirmations. Fit them in your day wherever you can. Look yourself in the mirror in the morning and start your day with them or read them on your lunch break. Just read them outloud, daily.

“I am a money magnet. Money flows to me constantly.”

“I know abundance is available for me right here right now and I receive it.”

“There will always be enough money. I have more than enough.”

“I deserve to live in abundance and share my truth.”

Repeat these affirmations to yourself. Send them out to the Universe. Claim what’s yours.

We need to believe and feel that these things are our financial truth.

I already know what your objection is, because it was mine too.

“How do I know what it feels like to make 20k per month if I’ve never made 20k in a month before.” (insert any # into that phrase)

I discovered this feeling through a mind-body meditation.

Through this meditation, I was taken to a place of complete abundance. Tears rolling down my face, chills running down my spine, I was abundant.

That feeling of being in that financial situation was REAL and now it was familiar for me to refer back to at anytime.

This is honestly where the magic happens. When you attach thoughts to feelings.

Claim what’s yours.

Believe it’s yours.

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