You can feel it within you, that you’re meant to do more.

But there's just…a disconnect.

You look at where you are in life right now and feel a sense of unfullfilment and dissatisfaction.

But there is ONE thing you are certain of: you want a life of freedom and abundance and you won’t stop until you get there.

You need a soulful strategy and proper mentoring from someone who’s been there, done that.  Someone who can help you align with your purpose and show you how to work WITH the Universe to co-create those dreams and desires tugging on your soul strings.

Welcome to my world of all things mind, body, and business.

I’m a creative spirit, travel lover, and dog momma.

I love the beach, playing board games, drinking margaritas, and laughing (at pretty much everything and anything.)



I was a serial entrepreneur for many years trying to find my purpose in life. I was running my own rat race just purposelessly trading tasks/services for cash.

There was no mission. No passion. No brand.

I didn’t want to chase the almighty dollar, I just wanted to feel like I was making a positive impact. So I spent a lot of time doing some deep conscious, foundational work. Meditating. Manifesting. Learning to listen to my inner guide. Working with the Universe, rather than trying to do it all on my own.

And that’s when it HIT ME.

This is the part I see women skipping over time and time and time again. They don’t do the foundational work and their goals aren't purpose-driven which keeps them from reaching their true potential.

I’ve since made it my mission to start a conversation about the foundational work, the conscious mindset, and why it’s CRUCIAL to do the deep work before diving into your dreams.

Check out my first EVER blog post!

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