20 Lessons I Learned In 2020

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20 Lessons I Learned In 2020

In this week's episode of Aligned & Ambitious Radio, I am going to share 20 lessons that I learned in 2020. My hope for this episode is for it to be something that you can pop in your ear and constantly return back to throughout this upcoming year as a little pep talk. These are lessons that I am carrying over with me into the entire year of 2021.

But before we dive on in, let me introduce myself. My name is Taylor Slango and I’m the host of Aligned & Ambitious Radio and a business coach who helps women make major bank through their online businesses.

So if you’re an ambitious millennial, wanting to get more out of life and learn how to combat those who doubt you along the way, stick around. This podcast episode is for you!

And today, we are going to talk about every lesson and take away from 2020 that I want you all to be able to use this year. So tune in to episode 85 on your favorite podcast streaming platform for even more details!

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lessons I learned

My first five big lessons of 2020.

My first lesson is that time is an illusion and we all think we're on this linear timetable and that's just simply not true. For example, if you're looking to hit a 20k month, then you believe you have to hit a 10k month first when in reality you can jump from a 5k month to a 20k month if you push yourself. My second lesson is that right now is all we have. Pay attention to what you're looking at at this exact moment because right now it’s all that exists. Don't spend all of your energy looking so far into the future because right now is all that matters. The third lesson is that it is always this or something better. When things don’t go the way that I planned or wanted them to go, it’s because something better is coming along and that's what faith is really about. Think about a moment in your life where you had something planned and it didn't go the way you anticipated but you ended up with something better. This is because everything that happens to us happens for a reason. 

My fourth lesson from 2020 is that nobody has it figured out. We are all just doing the best we can and even the people I look up to are still trying to figure it out behind the scenes. There's this illusion that the people we follow on Instagram have it all together and that's false. You have to start giving yourself some grace because you may feel like your sh*t is all over the place, but so is everybody else's. The fifth lesson is that there is no hierarchy in the online space. Ever since I threw this belief in the trash, my relationships with my clients and mentors have been healthier and more fulfilling on both sides because I see that we are both equal!

More points I became aware of last year.

My sixth lesson is that sometimes we need to close doors for new ones to open. I had to close a lot of doors this year; some were closed very gracefully and some were closed with pain. When you close the doors that you know are no longer serving you, you are then creating space for more aligned doors to open. Now let’s talk about my seventh lesson, which is that having an emotionally driven business is very different than having an intuitively driven business. What I mean by that is as leaders, we cannot make decisions based on emotion because our emotions change every day. When we are running our business from an emotional standpoint, it's not going to be stable. Lesson number eight is that boundaries are important to create and they're more important to enforce. I see a lot of people setting boundaries and not enforcing them. Boundaries work like a trademark because when you file for a trademark in your business and you don't enforce it, it doesn't last.

The ninth lesson I want to share is that you can change your mind whenever you want. People think that when they say something or do something, there’s no going back. You reserve the right to change your mind whenever you want. We are people who change and grow every single day and it makes sense why our choices change. Moving onto lesson number ten, which is the word “No” is a complete sentence. You don’t owe anybody anything and nobody owes you anything either. When I used to make a decision or walk away from something I didn't want to do, I always had to justify it. I felt like I had to come up with this perfect explanation, but it's just not necessary. Now we're at lesson eleven, which is feeling your feelings does not f*ck up your vibes. There is this illusion in the manifestation world that if you feel your feelings, you're going to self-sabotage and attract things you don't want to. You need to feel your feelings to process them. Don't bypass your feelings or suppress them, instead be with them and explore them.

Let's look at lesson twelve now, which is that spaciousness creates magic, so give yourself the gift of space. I value spaciousness so much in my calendar because I need space to create and process. When you give yourself extra time, you don't have to fill it up with other tasks, instead, you can just be. Sometimes you have to slow down to speed up. This is the thirteenth lesson from 2020. Think of this concept as if you're building momentum to run and jump across a bridge. Are you going to start at the edge and just take one big leap? No, you're going to back up, pause, make sure you have space and the mindset to take that leap.

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My last few lessons from 2020 that I will be taking into 2021 with me.

Lesson fourteen is that whatever's meant to happen in your life is going to happen and you can't mess it up. We sometimes live in this fear that if we do the wrong thing, we're throwing it in the trash. There is so much that we all carry each day that we don't have to carry. You're allowed to be imperfect and even through those mistakes, you can’t f*ck it up. Lesson fifteen is that you attract what you embody. You attract who you are and embodiment is key. It is all about who you are, who you're being. A lot of the time when I’m feeling off or my business is feeling slow, I get back into full embodiment of my values and what I believe in.

Lesson sixteen is that healing isn't pretty. Healing is beautiful but it hurts. Most of my healing moments have not been in a state of meditation, instead, it comes in the breakdowns. We have to break down to breakthrough. The greatest moments of healing comes from the tears and the resting. Healing is not glamorous but I encourage you to embrace it with open arms because the more we get honest about what healing means, the quicker we can all start to heal ourselves at the core.

Next is lesson seventeen, which is that life is not a race and it's not a competition. Your job is to wake up every day and have the intention to be a better version of yourself than you were yesterday. We are all living in different worlds so our focus should be on ourselves and not comparing ourselves to someone else. My eighteenth lesson is that we are always in choice and we have to take radical responsibility that we have the opportunity to always be in choice. Our free will is everything, meaning we get to choose how to respond to situations and we get to choose the thoughts we think and consume. We make so many choices a day without even realizing it. Realizing that you get to make your own choices is so empowering.

Now let's move to lesson nineteen and I want you to really appreciate this lesson. I always thought integrity meant the same thing for everybody. Integrity actually means integrity to yourself, to your values, and your belief system. Remaining in integrity to myself has set me free and set free the people I work with because we heal ourselves and everyone around us. Last but not least, lesson twenty. The better it gets, the better it gets and there is no glass ceiling. You can always make more money, you can always feel more joy and you can always experience more abundance. It is up to you to feel more alive and shift into your alignment. The better it gets, the better it gets and you have to live by that to feel it.

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20 Lessons I Learned In 2020: Main Takeaways

I hope hearing more about the lessons I learned in 2020 has brought you a lot of value and realization. Going into this year, take these lessons into consideration and use them as a fuel of empowerment. Use these lessons and crush it this year. Don't forget to live in alignment, live in integrity, and take care of yourself because that's all that really matters. 


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