How to Receive What You’re Calling in For Your Business

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How to Receive What You're Calling in For Your Business

Written by Taylor Slango

November 30, 2020


How to Receive What You're Calling in For Your Business

In this week's blog of Aligned & Ambitious, I am talking all about the art of allowing and receiving. I want to dive into the importance of getting out of your own way and opening space to allow and receive in your life and business. I will also be sharing tips and strategies on how you can put yourself back into a state of allowing and receiving when you catch yourself getting in your own way. 

But before we dive on in, let me introduce myself. My name is Taylor Slango and I’m the host of Aligned & Ambitious Radio and a business coach who helps women make major bank through their online businesses. 

So if you’re an ambitious millennial, wanting to get more out of life and learn how to combat those who doubt you along the way, stick around. This blog post is for you!

And today I will share with you what I have learned in practicing the art of allowing and receiving in business.

How to Receive: In the last six months I’ve noticed areas of my life falling out of alignment, this was simply due to myself standing in the way of allowing and receiving.

I’m very in tune with energy and emotions, I work with a lot of women who are also sensitive to feeling energy and emotions. This is a common characteristic I see with aligned and ambitious women. At the end of the day, those two words summarize who I am and represent many of you. The alignment piece plays a part in being tuned in to specific energy, and the ambitious piece encompasses the person who wants to accomplish all the goals. You think you can take care of it all, you believe you’ve got this. You’re probably a figure-it-out entrepreneur. When we fill this role, we tell ourselves this narrative that we can do it all and it’s a lie. We can’t do it all and we can’t do it all alone. 

There have been a lot of areas in my life where I’ve been growing over the past six months or so. What I’ve noticed is that the core issue of it all, I was not open to being supported and receiving. By not allowing this energy of receiving, I manifested the energy of not being supported. I was not feeling like I was allowing support in my marriage, support from mentors, or money and clients. All of these areas of my life were shown to be so connected when something was out of alignment. It all came down to the fact that I was not allowing or receiving. I want you to know that anything you need or want is available. Sometimes we will be doing all these things from our daily mindset practices, showing up in business, but we still feel something is lacking. Guess what? That particular thing isn’t lacking, it’s right in front of you. The problem is that we aren’t in a state to receive.

How to Receive

How to Receive: How to get yourself into a state of receiving.

The first and best way you can get yourself into a state of receiving is to return to a state of gratitude and appreciation. This is one emotion and energy that is magnetic in the state of receivership. Over the summer I developed this habit where if I caught myself standing in my way and having restrictive energy, I’d write a list of all my accomplishments. I would write down everything small and big, I sat in deep appreciation over this list I had written. I reflected back and celebrated myself over these wins, this quickly elevated my energy and got me back into a state of receivership. 

Another way to get into the state of receivership is to move the energy. In whatever way this looks for you, movement is so powerful. My mentor always says movement creates momentum and energy catches on. I will make myself go workout or go on a walk when I find myself getting in my own way and I have to say, I never come out of moving my body and regretting it. It always shifts me into a state of receivership. If you combine these two elements of appreciation and moving your body, you are so many more steps closer to allowing. 

These are simple concepts yet they are so powerful. By doing these techniques, you are programming your body and changing your psychological state when you get into a state of appreciation and gratitude. The third thing you can do to get into a state of receiving is admitting that you are not allowing. Admit that you need support or whatever it is you need. Verbalize your needs and accept them. Feel empowered and confident to express your needs. If you identify with being aligned and ambitious, you know that this concept is not always easy. If I learned anything from running a business, it’s that I can’t do it alone. The more I try to be in all these places and do it all on my own, then I fall flat as I'm not in a state of allowing.

How to Receive: A strategy can’t save you, it’s all about allowing and receiving.

If you don’t have the answer to everything and can’t be in all these places at the same time, it’s okay. Look at the areas you need support and ask yourself what it would feel like to have that support. How would it feel to be in a state to receive? It’s not restrictive, there’s no heavy energy or pressure. It’s such a freeing thing to allow room for support. The more you allow in one area of life, the more you will allow in other areas of life. This has been a big learning lesson for me that I’m mirroring back to you guys. I have not been in a state of receiving and the energy has been shifting because of that. 

As I was blocking myself from allowing or receiving, I remember thinking to myself, “I’m doing all the things, I’m showing up, I’m getting things done. Why am I not seeing a tangible result?”, this is why you need to understand that a strategy can’t save you. It comes down to the energy, abundance, allowance, and room to receive. I realized I wasn’t allowing in that support and abundance. By getting back into a state of appreciation and play, I was able to open that space back up again. In terms of business and hitting your revenue goals, you have to be available and allow that space. I see my clients go into launches setting sales goals, then they get frustrated if they notice the money isn’t coming through the launch as they had hoped. This is when I remind them that they’re not allowing it in. If you find yourself in this similar position, remember to step back and open up that space to allow. 

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How to Receive What You're Calling in For Your Business: Main Takeaways

I encourage you to take radical responsibility today. Ask yourself if you are allowing things to happen for you. You may be doing all the things but if you aren’t in a state of allowing or appreciating, you will fall out of alignment. Doing all the busy work is not the thing that will snap you back to alignment. You have to allow and ask for help or support as you need it. 

Allow it, feel it, appreciate it, embody it, the best is always yet to come!

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