How to “Detach from the Outcome” & What Exactly That Means

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In the world of mindset work, we are constantly being told to “detach from the outcome” but I think that's a misleading statement subconsciously viewed in a negative light.

When we are setting intentions and trying to call certain dreams into our reality, we obviously have a vision we're working towards. We need to be able to define and visualize what we want. So don't stop doing that.

The defining moment is to not allow your happiness to be influenced by whether you accomplish your vision or not. We tend to get really attached to the vision we have, the way things play out, the timetable they play out in. And when things don't pan out the way we had thought, people normally get pretty disappointed.

They're disappointed because their happiness was depending on X circumstance happening. And THAT'S why they say detach from the outcome.

Yes, define and get clear about what you want.


If you're happiness is depending on if something happens, you're always going to be left feeling unfulfilled. We have to focus on being grateful for where we are now because that cultivates the kind of high frequency energy we want to be embodying and attracting more of.

But when we are disappointed and frustrated and impatient, that's a very low, heavy frequency to be sending out.

Anytime we're trying to control or manipulate our situation, it means we're afraid. Whether it be fear of not getting what we want or fear of not being worthy enough for it, we're afraid of something. And fear is also a low frequency emotion.

When we surrender to our faith and to gratitude, we shift at an energetic level. Surrender is NOT giving up, it's NOT failure, it's NOT complacency.

Surrender is fearlessly believing in the unseen.

Surrender is trusting that life is happening for you and not to you. Surrender is finding your joy from your soul rather than from outside circumstances.

So when they say to detach from the outcome, they mean be happy and grateful while you wait with excited expectancy.

The best way to do that? Make a list of EVERYTHING you're grateful for today in real time.

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