How to Breakup with Limiting Beliefs & Set yourself Free


Limiting beliefs grind my gears, but we all have them. We all have parents and whether we were raised by them or by someone else, we were raised under a certain belief system.

Most belief systems differ from one another solely based upon the environment which you grew up in, but one common trend between most of them is that they’re limiting.

Here’s a generalization for you, but many Americans are raised to believe that going to college, working until 55+, then retiring and spending your senior citizen days playing golf embodies success.


I couldn’t never get with that idea. That was NOT my idea of success, and because I was rebelling against the societal standard, a lot of people had a hard time understanding that my idea of success was different than theirs.

It’s almost stupid. Not almost…

It’s fucking stupid.

Stupid that we as people are so small minded that we have a hard time even UNDERSTANDING that straying away from the college, 9-5, retirement cycle can ALSO equal success.

Like, L O fucking L – how crazy is that?!

That was a mini-rant…but examples are always helpful so there’s one. Back on track..

Think about the environment you were raised in.

  • Were you raised to believe in a certain God, religious figure, maybe nothing at all?
  • Were you surrounded by two loving parents, or was there separation? Fighting?
  • How were the finances? How were you taught to think about money growing up?

We’re raised to believe that if we fit into society’s mold, we will be successful and fulfilled.

But, fulfilment isn’t a one size fits all kinda thing.

What makes me feel fulfilled is going to be different than what makes you feel that way.

But we’re also raised to be extremely closed minded.

It’s not like when you were presented with a handful of belief systems and your parents said, “choose one.”

You didn’t have a choice then.

But you do now.

The problem is that after 20, 30, 40+ years of living under this conditioned (and scarce) belief system, it’s really effing hard to start over and recondition your mind.

Notice I said really effing hard, but not impossible. It’s 10000% possible.

When you have limiting beliefs, you can’t fall into your truth and you can’t manifest to your greatest abilities.

One of the hardest things I had to work on in the beginning of my journey was un-conditioning my mind and then decided what I chose to think and believe.

  • Day dream. Seriously, all day long I’d envision my future with no limits. I would envision myself, the house I wanted, the car I wanted. I became really comfortable with dreaming. My dreams started getting bigger, I started thinking to myself “this Dodge Durango is kickass…but why not a Tesla?” I slowly but surely removed any limitations. Instead of envisioning a 100k year, I started thinking “but why not 100k months?” I got comfortable with dreaming really, really big and I got used to questioning the basic standards and created new standards for myself.
  • Separate yourself from people who don’t share the same limitless belief system as you. This one is hard. Because the people you love with your whole heart and soul don’t always share the same beliefs as you. But when you’re starting your journey, connecting with your inner-guide and trying to break barriers, you simply can’t be around energies that are going to bring your energy down. You can’t surround yourself with people who don’t believe in what you’re trying so hard to convince yourself to believe it. Create healthy distances from people and energies that are not serving your greater good.
  • Straight up ask the Universe. Outloud, right now–ask the Universe to remove the limiting beliefs. Tell the Universe that you are open to receiving the abundance that’s waiting for you.
  • Understand that we are conditioned beings, and what we thought we know just isn’t.
  • Look up success stories, listen to podcasts, read books, hear what’s happening to other people when they remove the limits from their dreams and desires. It will help you dream bigger and stay inspired.
  • Think about how your dreams will make you feel. Need help with this? Check out my post on how to attach feelings to your dreams to up your manifesting game.

When you start to take the limits off life, insane things start to happen.

Because when you’re open to receiving what the Universe has in store for you, abundance will come. But in order to be open to receiving it, you must believe it can happen, and that all starts with your belief system.


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