How to Attach Feelings to your Dreams so you can up your Manifestation Game


“But Taylor, how am I supposed to feel abundant even if my circumstances right now aren’t abundant? How am I supposed to know what that feels like?”

A question I hear over and over and over again…

I know you’ve probably thought the same thing at one point or another, and that’s totally okay because THIS was definitely the biggest mental roadblock for me when I first started my journey.

The one practice that helped me understand this concept and really feeeeel those feelings was meditation. It didn’t happen overnight though, I was already regularly meditating when I felt this barrier.

I really flipped my intentions when I started meditating. I looked up a lot of guided meditations on topics like aligning with your highest self, manifesting your desires, connecting with source energy, I was all over the place being OPEN to receiving these feelings of abundance.

I thought to myself, “if I could just truly experience the TRUE feeling of abundance just once, I’d bask in it so hard that I’d be able to find that feeling anytime after that…”

One meditation (after being intentional about what I was tuning into) completely broke me.

It was a guided meditation titled “Highest Self Meditation” and it was about 27 minutes (the length or title is irrelevant — every experience is different — I’m just painting my personal experience out for you.)

It had me look at my life through a movie screen, visualizing what I wanted. Be mindful that at this point in my journey I was already doing the workbook work to get really really clear about what it is that I did want.

So I was watching my life play on the movie screen.

Then I was guided to step into that screen and just stand next to myself. I was taking in my energy, my body language, where I was, who I was with. I was there for a little while.

After a few minutes, I was guided to step INTO my higher self. To feel what she feels. And in that moment, I was awakened. I knew EXACTLY WHAT IT FELT LIKE TO HAVE EVERYTHING I EVER WANTED.


It was the fucking most LIBERATING feel I’ve ever experienced.

Again, everyone’s experience will be different.  

And trust me, not all my meditations are THIS intense.

It was 27 minutes but it felt like I was there my entire life. It was the longest 27 minutes of my life. I had lost all track of time because in that moment I was 110% aligned with the Universe and my higher self. In that moment my frequencies MATCHED the Universe’s and we were co-creating the fuck out of my dream life.

From that moment on, I knew how to feel abundant.

I knew abundance was here now because I knew I could return to that spot ANYTIME I wanted.

The trick to attaching feelings to your dreams is through meditation, through that deep, deep connection with the Universe.

  • Talk about what you want as if it’s already here. Honestly, I don’t care how uncomfortable that may be for you in the beginning, just do it. If you’re uncomfortable talking about it as if it already exists, that’s a form of resistance. Speak your desires into the Universe as if they’re certain. Before I even made my first sale, I would talk about my 6-figure business all the time. I would say it with such certainty, and at first it felt a little off, but after claiming it again and again I started to really really really believe it.
  • Believe what you want is here already, and believe with certainty. The Universe responds to what we put out there, right? If we aren’t trusting the Universe 100%, it will respond to that hesitancy with more…hesitancy. But if we are certain on our dreams and desires, the Universe is certain about them too.
  • Meditate on what you want and allow yourself to feel that energy. Practice a few super intentional meditations all focusing on that end vision. What’s it look like? Who’s around you? Where are you? What are you doing? Notice your body language, your energy, what you’re wearing, what the weather is like. Envision every last little detail.
  • Craft affirmations to attach feelings to your desires. For example, I used to say things like “owning my own successful business makes me feel free and empowered.” I would think about my dreams, and how they would make me feel if they really happened and I would speak that into the Universe every day.

Think about your life like a movie. We watch sappy love comedies and laugh and cry our eyes out (no matter how many times you’ve seen it….*cough cough Titanic cough cough*) We become emotionally invested in movies, books, TV shows, the news….but yet it’s so hard for us to get emotionally invested in our DREAMS. Our future. Our purpose.

So watch your dream life play out in your head as you’d watch your favorite romantic comedy. Let yourself become invested.

If you haven’t yet, click here to grab your Manifest Your Wildest Dreams Workbook to get really fucking clear on what it is you want so you can start to attract it into your life!

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