Business Goals for 2021 and Scaling to Seven-Figures

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Written by Taylor Slango

March 1, 2021



Business Goals for 2021 and Scaling to Seven-Figures

In this week's blog of Aligned & Ambitious, I am going to break down my million-dollar business plan. This year will be my third year in business and it's one of my sales goals to finally hit seven figures. Today, I am going to peel back the curtain and show you guys how I plan to achieve that goal and scale to seven figures in hopes it inspires you to do the exact same. 

But before we dive on in, let me introduce myself. My name is Taylor Slango and I’m the host of Aligned & Ambitious Radio and a business coach who helps women make major bank through their online businesses. 

So if you’re an ambitious millennial, wanting to get more out of life and learn how to combat those who doubt you along the way, stick around. This blog post is for you!

And today, we are going to talk all about the future of my business and how I plan to reach a million in 2021.

What I did in 2020 to set myself up for success in 2021.

What I'm doing this year to reach my goal is important but what I did last year laid out the entire foundation for my seven-figure goal. If I sat back and did absolutely nothing last year, there is no way I would be able to hit seven figures this year. It’s just impossible! Last year, I had to be really intentional by making certain investments and decisions. 

Now…we all know 2020 did not go the way we thought it would. I had to adjust some of my plans because most of my 2020 plans included travel and that wasn’t happening. So, I asked myself two questions. What do I want to focus on and what do I want to spend this year doing? I knew that I wanted to get serious about a seven-figure foundation for my company and some things needed to be done for that to happen. 

One of the first things I did was invest in a huge rebrand. I had several brand photoshoots done and I transitioned from being just “Taylor Slango” to “Aligned and Ambitious”. I decided to remove myself from the brand and focus more on my overall vision. I then invested in web design and copy so that sales pages could be upgraded, designed, and written properly. 

The next thing I did was dial in on my Five Figure Flow program. I hired a course designer to help me raise the bar on the Five Figure Flow to help it go evergreen. I focused on this program because I knew it was one I wanted to scale. The route we went for it to go evergreen was through a quiz funnel. That funnel was another thing I had to invest in. Let me tell you, it took months to build this funnel! The quiz and pages had to be built, the emails had to be written, and the automation had to be done. 

The next strategy I focused on to set myself up for success in 2021 was learning how to build a team. This was honestly one of the hardest things for me to do because I was hiring people that didn't work out. I had to learn what I was looking for in a team. The year 2020 was the year that I created my dream team – everyone is so incredible and so aligned and I know I found the right people that are the perfect fit. 

The last two things I did in 2020 were practice surrendering more and focusing on client experience. I practiced working less and asking for help more. This can sound really silly but everyone needs to learn how to rest! I knew that with all the goals I had, I couldn't achieve them alone. I needed to ask for help and not be in the mindset that I can do everything better by myself. When it came to my clients, I had to elevate content and revisit our core offers and pricing so that everything was aligned and in place.

five figure flow

Strategy #1: To get specific on my KPI’s and intentions.

I am honestly one of those people that will write an intention or thought down and it'll just get lost. This year, I want to anchor in on the things I want to grow and focus on my intentions. I made a physical vision board (instead of just doing it on my phone) and I am so obsessed with it! I have it hanging up in my office face to face with me and it's something I get to look at every day. 

When I'm doing the work and or trying to get in the zone, I can look right up for inspiration and motivation to keep going. 

For my KPI’s, I bought really large post-it notes and wrote down all the things I want to track and grow. I wrote down what my profit goals were, what my Q1 sales goals were, where I want that money to come from, how much money I want to save and put into the overflow, how many new leads I want to have, etc. Everything I wanted to measure, I wrote down!

Strategy #2: To stop planning so far in advance and let things flow.

It is so common it is for me to change my mind. I'm in a launch right now and literally just days before ads were supposed to start, I changed the workshop, the title, and what the whole launch was about. My marketing manager made a really good point and said “is it really a launch if you don't change your mind”. Instead of building out these big long plans, I now go in 90-day sprints and it's been working out amazing. 

When it comes to scaling your business, figure out your strengths and be honest with yourself. Focus on how you work and what you need to be successful. For me, I need space and flow because I know I'm going to change my mind.

Strategy #3: To start focusing on where I put my energy and time.

Before this year started, I did a detox of my calendar because I had so many recurring things with old and current friends. Since I changed that, it's not like I still don't do those things but they're not repeating on my calendar. I can now plan when I have space and I have time to take care of myself, my family, and my clients. 

I was always so scared to tell someone no and cancel plans but in every conversation I have today, my friends are so understanding and realize that they should be doing the same thing too. So this year I'm making more room for space and developing new hobbies for myself.

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Strategy #4: To diversify my platforms way more.

When you're able to bring on more support and have a team, this strategy is a lot easier! I could never be on as many platforms as I am today if I didn't have a team helping me. Give yourself some grace and have a team support you by repurposing content and making sure it gets spread out as far as it can. 

This year we are pursuing TikTok, I launched a YouTube channel, and I’m on Clubhouse too. I have so many new things to be excited about and YouTube is one of them. I feel like it's a really great platform for evergreen purposes and intentional content. 

This strategy was really just about taking the content we were already creating and exploring different platforms and algorithms for different types of exposure.

Strategy #5: To scale evergreen funnels and everything else that’s passive.

This was truly a really big goal for me this year. I want to build up as much passive recurring revenue as possible and then just have my two core coaching programs and my clients. To do this, we built the Five Figure Flow quiz funnel and the Instagram Freebie that goes into the intentional Instagram mini-course. We are now making them bigger and better and focusing on authentic and growable freebies.

Business Goals for 2021 and Scaling to Seven-Figures: Main Takeaways

I hope reading more about my seven-figure business plan inspires you to pursue yours. Think about what the next version of your business looks like and what you want the future to look like. Get the momentum moving for the next season of your business because it's going to make all the difference. Create a foundation to achieve your goals and set yourself up for success.

Thank you so Much for Reading…

Thanks for reading! If you liked what you learned, connect with me on social too at Facebook, Instagram, or start working with me! And if you're someone who is ready to create a scalable and profitable business, be sure to check out my CEO Mastermind!


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