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In this week's episode of Aligned & Ambitious Radio, we have special guest Ariel Schiffer! Ariel is an instructional designer, speaker, and coach. I wanted to have Ariel on today’s episode so we could dive into all things collaboration. We are going to talk more about what it’s like going into a collaboration for your business, as well as how different a collaboration is versus doing things yourself. 

But before we dive on in, let me introduce myself. My name is Taylor Slango and I’m the host of Aligned & Ambitious Radio and a business coach who helps women make major bank through their online businesses. 

So if you’re an ambitious millennial, wanting to get more out of life and learn how to combat those who doubt you along the way, stick around. This podcast episode is for you!

And today, we are going to talk all about collaborate with others. We’ll also be going behind the scenes on all the different dynamics and aspects of a collaboration. So tune in to episode 83 on your favorite podcast streaming platform for even more details!

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Connect With Ariel Schiffer

Collaborate With

How Ariel and I decided to collaborate.

Ariel has been working with me for about a year now and she shares that as she grew her business, she always knew she wanted to collaborate with me in some way. At first, I asked Ariel what she had planned and she had no idea. It was cool because our collaboration unfolded and became really natural through time. Ariel shares that she feels we’ve broken all these rules we see around marketing, we have always gone about things differently. I feel like our collaboration came so naturally because we stayed true to our core values, which is why I feel like I align so well with Ariel. Working with people who align on those core principles you have is the total key. I know for Ariel and me, we are total nerds when it comes to innovation. Over time, it’s become a partner relationship and I love the collaboration between us.

When we were both brainstorming what how to  collaborate with others would look like, we based it off what would be different from everyone else. With our pre-launch event, we wanted our core values of innovation to shine through. We also wanted to make sure whatever we were teaching would help our audience achieve the same thing. Ariel dives into how often people come up to her and ask her HOW to do something, HOW to achieve something. What’s interesting is that nobody asks WHY. Ariel says the core of all strategies is intentional decision making. It’s not all about the how and what. You should be asking the people that you’re observing and admiring about the why and the thought process. By understanding that, you will transform your decision making. When it comes to creating and launching you don’t have to rely on another coach to tell you how to do it. When you create with intention, that’s all you need to successfully launch, create, or collab.

Important values and core principles of my collaboration with Ariel.

When Ariel and I were thinking about what collaboration we wanted to do, we knew we didn’t want to make it long-term. What sparked our collaboration ultimately was that we have two very complimentary signature programs. With Ariel’s course Alchemist and my launch course Five-Figure-Flow, we knew we could create something really powerful. This is when we decided to do an event, but we hadn’t named it yet. We wanted this event to be a couple of days retreat with a rapid mastermind vibe. As we were also analyzing the qualities we wanted in this event, we wanted it to be fun and to be an experience. Another huge factor that went into all of this was the fact that we put ourselves in the future customer. We thought about what kind of event we’d want to attend and what we felt was missing in programs and offers. 

A huge tip from me when it comes to collaborating is to choose someone with a complementary skill set to yours. At surface level, you could see Ariel and me as competition since we’re both business coaches. However, Ariel has entirely different skill sets than I do. Think about people in your network that you align values on as well. It’s important to know how the other person thinks and makes decisions. At the end of the day, to collaborate with others takes a lot of work. It takes a lot of going back and forth sharing input. You’ll also need clear communication. I promise that if you don’t understand each other's communication style, a collaboration can easily crash and burn.

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Top tips on what to look for in a collaboration.

When you are in a launch with someone else, adaptability is huge. You need to be able to adapt in whatever way is needed. When it also comes to tasks and content, you need to be able to talk openly with the other person about both of your content plans. I know something very helpful for Ariel and me is jumping on a call to talk about the concepts we plan to post about for the next month. Then we can make a plan to share each other's content and complement it in a way that supports our collaboration. Make sure you have a plan and balance that out with the fact that plans may change. When you think of launches in general, it’s a marketing campaign essentially. Don’t feel like you need to go about it like everyone else. 

Think about all the things you’ve seen marketed and ways you can bring a different approach. When you are trying to offer something that hasn’t been done or seen before, it’s all about positioning. We are calling our event a sleepover because it goes back to being able to let loose and have fun. We also want to encourage people to look inward for inspiration rather than outward. If you are wondering about starting to collaborate with others, it comes down to putting yourself in situations that may be uncomfortable at first. It can feel like a lot of effort, especially when you go into a group or a community you’re not used to. This doesn’t have to be just for collaboration but if you want to expand your network or community, it’s the same concept. It all comes down to building relationships. Make sure that you build rapport and put effort into the relationships as they grow. This can result in an amazing and powerful collaboration.

Collaborate With

How To Collab With Ariel Schiffer: Main Takeaways

I hope this episode brought you a lot of value and insight on how to collaborate with others. It was great to also share insight on my collab with Ariel. Be sure to join us at our Sleepover event! You can go to www.taylorslango.com/sleepover to get your tickets. We will see you there.


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