The Biggest Mistake I was making in my Business when I was first starting out

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When I first started my business, I thought I had everything figured out.

I always saw freebies online and workshops I could have attended that would help me find my niche but I always thought I was already past that point (even though I really never did the dirty foundational work, like actually printing out a workbook and handwriting my answers, cause I “was busy” ya’know? *fucking biggest eyeroll @myself EVERRRRRR*)

I read the blog posts that would tell me to produce content just as I talk. And I was like oh, yeah I’m doing that.

And I would hit wall after wall after wall after wall, man, it was exhausting.

When I started really doing the deep dirty work (the work that takes ACTUAL effort), I realized that it was really my ego telling me I had all the answers.

My ego was lazy, my ego saw what other successful people were doing and wanted me to do THAT even if THAT didn’t work for ME.

I looked back on my content. My emails. My posts. My captions.

Holy fucking shit.

THAT’S NOT ME!! But I know in order to make this thing happen, I have to be authentic. I have to come from a place of purpose. I have to be a real purpose. My conscious mind knew that.

What was happening? Where was the disconnect? How can I close this gap?

I started to ask myself these questions.

I was looking at my business and I was using language that I don’t actually use.

I was getting my slang and verbiage from other entrepreneurs.

The way I wrote was not the way I talk, at all.

I read some of my content outloud and it was so uncomfortable. I was like this is not me!!!

I realized that at this point, there was really only one critical piece of the practice that I was resistant to trying, and it was a workbook.

It was going through the foundational work and getting really clear about who I am and what I stand for and what I feel my purpose is on this earth.

I re-crafted my message, my brand, my tagline, my logo, my mission, my services.

EVERYTHING was different. I was essentially starting from scratch, but this time I was going alllllll in baby. And I was owning who I was.

I started writing the truth. My real experiences. I was narrating some bullshit story anymore, I was just bein’ me and sharing me!

I swear in my writing. If you’ve ever talked to me, you know that when I talk, I swear. I have a potty mouth. That’s my voice. That’s who I am, and if I am going to be authentically here, I’m going to be 100% unfiltered and authentically here.

I was uncomfortable at first, not gonna lie. I was afraid people might judge me, or that even with being myself, I still wouldn’t be successful.

But I went all in anyways. This was transformative for my business and my success and my story as an entrepreneur.

Creative roadblocks were far and few in between. I wasn’t making up stories, I was writing from my heart.

Because of that, I knew what my mission was and what I really wanted to say. I knew the impact I really wanted to make. That was my truth,

My ego had me completely fooled. I was stuffing down my intuitions, trying to fake it till I make it and that just isn’t me.

I broke free from that.

My point, just do the work. Put the effort in. Your breakthrough is literally so close, closer than you think.

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