I help ambitious women make

a lot of money on the internet.


I help ambitious women make

a lot of money on the internet.

Taylor Slango, Business Coach





Since you're here, it's safe to assume you're:

Aligned & Ambitious.

You want to build a business that gives you total freedom with your money AND time. I'm here to make that process SIMPLE + FUN.

my beliefs

Here's the deal,

I started my business from the ground up, left my day job and hit 6 figures within 14 months — all while having fun doing it.

When I first decided to go all in with my business, I made two cross-my-heart-hope-to-die promises to myself.

First, I wouldn't trade my sanity for money again (even if the money was really, really good)

Second, I wouldn't do things in my business that didn't feel absolutely uh-mazing (even if there are a million gurus out there insisting you build your business a certain way)

See a theme?

I do not trade who I am for the sake of my business. Ever. Ever ever.

I have seen TOO MANY entrepreneurs start their own business only to wind up acting just like an employee again, taking on clients who aren’t a great fit, working on holidays + vacations + with the flu, trying to do every role the boss (aka you) asks, and getting paid scraps to boot – UH NO.

You are the most important asset in your business. 

That means creating offers YOU love. That means using your influence in a way that makes your soul do the cha-cha. That means launching like YOU want to. That means scaling how YOU desire to scale.

I’ve been where you are now. I was DIY-ing everything in my business, trying to generate enough income to quit my job, addicted to the screen’s blue light (and frankly driving my hubby a little bit crazy).

It wasn't until I started acting like a CEO that everything changed.

You can have it all


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