you've tried this whole manifesting thing but it's never worked in the big, magical way you want it to. 

I get it. I've been there. The internet overcomplicates a very simple concept.

And that's where I come in. 

hi! i'm taylor and i started learning about the law of attraction when i was 9.


And I've been on my own journey ever since (I didn't even realize at this age how much of a journey I was about to embark on.) 

I had my highs and lows with manifestation too, my mom always had The Secret (Netflix) playing around the house – so that's where I started. I had high expectations but in reality I was approaching the practice the wrong way. I was overcomplicating inner peace. 

What does it really come down to?

Everything is energy, including me and you. Our feelings, our thoughts, our intentions–everything. When we can raise our energetic frequency to align in vibration with the things that we desire, manifestation happens.

We have everything we need within us. We have all the skills, ideas, and answers inside our soul right here, right now. (Yes – even you) 

It's my mission to give you the tools you need to consciously change you energetic state and tune into your inner guide so you can live a purposeful, joyful, abundant life. 

50% scientific.

50% spiritual.

100% intuitive.

I'm obsessed with helping women find happiness and peace from within so they can reach their full potential and purpose in life

(which is always something fucking awesome.)

Happy Clients

“I went from feeling stuck and unmotivated to knowing exactly what I wanted to do in life and how to get there. The more I learned to seek guidance from within, the more joyful and at peace I felt.”

-Lauren, Laws of Life Student

“Laws of Life helped me take my life back Wow. This is what I have been missing in life. Worth every damn penny.” 

-Shatel, VIP Student 

“The help me manifest challenge was my introduction to the Laws of the Universe. In only 7 days I identified my higher self, I learned to become aligned with my higher self, fell in love with myself, and found a group of my people! I'm so grateful this challenge showed up on my news feed, I'm forever changed because of Taylor!”

-Jesslyn, Challenger