24 things I learned by age 24:


You can literally be, do, and have anything and everything you want. We are such incredible, magical beings and if more people understood that – everyone on this earth would be living out their abundant dreams.


You HAVE to know how worthy, brilliant, amazing, and capable you are down to your core without any external validation. This is a long-term superpower that will prevent outside people from having control over you and your energy. 


When things don’t work out the way you thought they were going to, it’s because something WAY fucking better is coming. This has been proven. I’ve never been let down by the Universe. If something doesn’t pan out my way, God just blows my mind with something bigger and better. Every. Single. Time. 


Nothing in life has meaning except for the meaning we give to things. We are in control. 


Little things make a big difference. I never overlook an awesome cup of coffee in the morning. I never underestimate the power of playing my favorite song and dancing around the house. I know that boosting my energy + grounding in gratitude doesn’t need to be difficult or overwhelming. 


You CANNOT expect people to do what you would do. You can’t expect people to handle situations like you would. You have to release your expectations of all people + situations you don’t have control over to become fully free. 


You were put on this earth for a VERY SPECIFIC purpose. If you open yourself up to step into your destiny, nothing can get in your way. What you’re meant to have will find its way to you if you allow it to. 


Everything stressful situation, tough decision, painful moment, and unforeseen circumstance is an OPPORTUNITY to learn, grow, and keep rising to the next level. Use it as that, and don’t let it stunt your growth or steal your joy. 


There’s enough money, enough clients, enough space, enough EVERYTHING for EVERYONE to be successful. And when you celebrate other people winning, you’re attracting your own future wins too. 


Self care has to come first. HAS. TO. COME. FIRST. I may have a million +1 things on my to do list but if my energy is off, I’m feeling burnt out, uninspired, or just out of alignment – that task list goes on the back burner and I take myself for a spa + coffee date. No questions asked. My well-being comes FIRST so I can show up as my best self.


It’s absolutely not selfish to want an extraordinary life. Do NOT let people shame you for wanting more money, more business, more travel, more purses, more experience, more of whatever-the-fuck-you-want. We were put on earth to live an abundant life and if there’s a desire on your heart, it’s because you’re meant to have it. 


You’ll always be “too” something for someone. Too much. Too outspoken. Too bossy. Too driven. Too insert-bullshit-here. Own who you are. Love who you are. Embrace who you are. Just as it’s important to attract ideal clients into your business, you gotta be attracting ideal relationships into your life too. 

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