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EPISODE 17: SELLING HIGH TICKET TO SMALL AUDIENCES – Small audience sales expert Karrie Brady + Taylor talk about how to sell high end packages no matter what your audience size is. Karrie also drops so many truth bombs around the sales process, taking sales calls, and is sharing her exact sales script too! 


EPISODE 16: SWITCHING NICHE + LEVELING UP – On this episode of Aligned and Ambitious Radio, Taylor talks with Megan Yelaney about creating a business from your passion and scaling it to 6-figures. Megan provides some great insights into developing a business mindset and offers some great tools to work through imposter syndrome.  She also discusses the power of investing in yourself and your business. Finally, she leaves you with her biggest tip to really knowing if switching or staying in your current industry is the right decision for you.


EPISODE 15: PERSONAL BRANDING + DIGITAL NOMAD LIFE – On this week's episode of Aligned and Ambitious Radio Taylor talks with Amanda Kolbye, a social media branding and business coach helping service-based entrepreneurs start and scale their business to achieve location independence.


EPISODE 14: EMBODYING THE ENERGY OF A CEO – In this episode of Aligned and Ambitious Radio, Taylor is sharing a LIVE masterclass she held where she breaks down her 5-step formula for building a successful business.  If it is important for you to build a business that allows you freedom, is fulfilling, and feels good, buckle up!


EPISODE 14: WHAT IS FLOW + ALIGNMENT? – In today's episode, Taylor talks about what flow & alignment really is. She is breaking through the brainwashing that happens in society so that you can build the life & business of your dreams without HUSTLING to get there.  


EPISODE 13: ALIGN & CHANGE YOUR BELIEFS  – Today Taylor talks about what a belief is, how our subconscious beliefs may be holding us back and why it is so important for these beliefs to align with what we actually want.  


EPISODE 12: TIP TO AVOID FAST FAILING BIZ  Time to talk about being polarizing AF in your business.  In this episode, Taylor emphasizes the importance of creating a business based on your passion, not people pleasing.  In fact, if you’re repelling people, that is a GOOD thing. They probably aren’t your ideal client anyway.


EPISODE 12: QUANTUM SUCCESS  – This week on the Aligned & Ambitious Podcast, Taylor talks about the two key phases of quantum success as they pertain to your business OR your life! Phase 1 – Trust Your Gut – meaning you really need to learn to trust yourself and your intuitive feelings when it comes to making decisions and showing up for your business. Phase 2 – High Level Investment – As a business owner, you need to understand that investing in something that feels 100% aligned for you and your business is probably 100% necessary for you to grow.


EPISODE 11: BUSINESS IN ALIGNMENT  – In this episode of the Aligned & Ambitious Podcast, Taylor discusses her shift into her new aligned business, her tendencies as a chronic overachiever, and how she managed to grow her business exponentially and retire from her full-time job in 10 months!


EPISODE 10: HOW TO EMBODY ABUNDANCE WITHOUT IRRESPONSIBLY SPENDING  – Everyone loves to talk about money mindset, including myself, like it's my most FAVORITE thing to talk about. In thisepisode, we're talking about the fine line that exists between embodying the most wealthy version of yourself and irresponsibly spending money you don't actually have. 


EPISODE 9: HOW TO DETACH FROM THE OUTCOME WHILE MANIFESTING THE THINGS YOU WANT  In the world of manifestation we often hear the phrase, “detach from the outcome” but what exactly does that mean? In order to manifest the things we want, there needs to be some sort of surrender and faith added in the mix. Today's episode talks all about balancing surrender while also still going after the things you want. 


EPISODE 8: MONEY MINDSET TIP: THE IMPORTANCE OF INVESTING IN YOURSELF  – We are so quick to say we “can't afford” things or don't invest in ourselves because it's “too expensive” yet we don't hesitate to spend money on going on to dinner or a trip to Target. In today's episode, we're talking all about the importance of investing in yourself and how investing in your personal development and education shifts things energetically.


EPISODE 7: ARE YOU SPEAKING YOUR OWN LOVE LANGUAGE? In today's episode, we're talking about self-love and self-care. There are 5 main love languages that exist and normally we focus on making sure we are speaking our partner's love language. But today, we're talking about how we can speak our own love language, to ourselves. 


EPISODE 6: MANIFESTATION MIRACLES WITH SPECIAL GUEST LAWS OF LIFE STUDENT (SHATEL KRENZ) – In this interview style Podcast, I get the pleasure to chat with one of my LOVELY clients. She's such a badass in every way as she applies every lesson and principle to her life to see REAL results. In this episode she's sharing how she has healed her relationship with her dad, got a new job, and began her entrepreneurial journey all starting with changing her mindset. 


EPISODE 4: MANIFESTATION 101 IN UNDER 20 MINUTES -In today's episode, we are bringing it back to the basics to make sure we're all on the same page. We're talking about what even IS manifestation? I'll be introducing two of my favorite Universal Laws so you can understand how you can manifest more intentionally. 


EPISODE 3: TONY ROBBINS 5 TO THRIVE FORMULA –When I went to Tony Robbins' Unleash the Power Within event last November, I learned SO MUCH. One of my biggest takeaways was his 5 to thrive formula that helped me keep myself in check and on track to hit my goals. In this episode, I'm sharing that formula with you!


EPISODE 2: SELF-HEALING + HOW TO FIGHT THE COMMON COLD WITH YOUR MIND – What a fun question! In this episode, we're talking about self-healing. Laws of Life student, Jackie, submitted this question – “How can I get in healing mindset when battling sickness like winter cold?” and I thought oh my gosh what a good topic.


EPISODE 1: WHAT NOBODY TELLS YOU ABOUT MANIFESTATION – In this episode, we talk all about consistency. There's one “ugly truth” around manifestation that nobody talks about – and today I'm giving you some tough love on what that exactly means.  You'll walk away with an understanding of why you may feel like “nothing ever works out for you,” and inspired to take your mindset routine to the next level. 


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